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 Nite PR TUTORIAL: hacking online games [Mohh1+2] [Socom][others]

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PostSubject: Nite PR TUTORIAL: hacking online games [Mohh1+2] [Socom][others]   Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:30 pm


LOL i understand it is alot too read but its werth it in the end
trust ur buddy Yank

OK so for step 1
you'll need to get...

PSP (oviously)

win rar to un rar folder

medal of honor hero's UMD/iso/cso
socom fire team bravo 2

and taking the time to figure it out

ok so download this file

link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

this is called nite pr this is what you will use to use the hacking codes u will see later on

step 2

if u have 3.71 m33 cfw double click "3.71 only" folder

if you dont have 3.71 theres another folder that says "all other firmwares" or sumthing similar.... i dont know y but its the exact same thing as 3.71 soo pay attention

[ok so u shud see a seplugin folder...(if u dont then theres something wrong and tell me a.s.a.p)

anyways ....plug ur psp too ur computer with usb cord ... do not use a mem card adapter this will screw up
your memory card!!!

go into usb and place the seplugin folder into the "root" of your psp (were all the main folders are)

step 3

now get out of usb mode and shut down psp completly ....

hold the R button to get into recovery mode...

go down too plugins and u shud see either night pr or nite pr (disabled) enable that and exit recover mode

step 4

u can either load the umd or iso and see if the program worked correctly .... if u decide 2 follow these steps...
if not skip these steps..

1 ( wait for main menu to load)
2 ( press home button twice ) it will show up at top of psp screen....
3 ( and then hold the + and - buttons together)
... you shud see the code program....(nite pr) if u dont u did something wrong....[pm or ask for help in chat box..]
ok now go back to home ...what u will see in the home menu is normal when program is running.... just continue home as normal...

step 5

re-enter usb and leave it for now....

open note pad .... and enter ur codes..

here are some codes u can use for mohh online play




now copy all those codes and post them into your note pad


once all codes have been copied save the txt as "ULUS-10141" for medal of honor or "UCUS-98645 for socom and remeber make sure u have the text saved as that or else it will not work !!

step 6

ur psp shud still be in usb mode click the sepluggin folder and then click the nitepr folder u shud see two other txt documents leave thoes there and place your "ULUS-10141" or " UCUS-98645" txt document into there

step 7

exit usb mode
and run the game


.... once loaded double click home and hold the + and - and u shud
see all those codes ..... if you do this means you and very close
to hacking mohh if u dont u did something wrong.....

any ways .... click the hacks u would like to use while playing online u can select them while playing online.....

i recomend u looking through the list a couple times to get a feel for were your favorite hax wud be ...... once you've selected the one's you like

if you havent already log on too your online acc pic a game u like and wait for it too load once it loads see if u can find a place to hide and setup
your codes......

step 8

once everything is how you like it.... simply press the music button (while in game map)

and if you have done everything correctly you shud be hacking your way to the top


you can use this at your own risk bcuz if u fell like u suck enough and need this then go ahead but ur only joing the people to ruined the game.....*think about it*

Last edited by yankxleader on Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:30 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Nite PR TUTORIAL: hacking online games [Mohh1+2] [Socom][others]   Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:01 am

Your Guide Nice, even not read it...
Im too bored to read im sleepy.(Date: 12/23/2010/Time: 12:13)
I will read that tommorow. Keep up the good work! Very Happy

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1-5 Post Wonder

Posts : 141
Join date : 2010-11-13

PostSubject: Re: Nite PR TUTORIAL: hacking online games [Mohh1+2] [Socom][others]   Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:30 am

thanks a lot brian Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Nite PR TUTORIAL: hacking online games [Mohh1+2] [Socom][others]   

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Nite PR TUTORIAL: hacking online games [Mohh1+2] [Socom][others]
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